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We know the strategies, processes and technologies that AEC companies need to unlock their digital potential. Everything we do adds value and is tailored to your business and projects.

Why sumoo? 

We help you to change and optimize the way you work. And think.

Powerful and user-friendly

BIM Add-Ons & Plug-Ins

With lean design and technology, we enable the automation of construction processes so our customers can get back to focusing on strategic tasks.

We develop BIM add-ons and plug-ins for any size of business. Our technology helps design teams, increases productivity and reduces costs. Our solutions are fully cloud-based and designed for any popular CAD software. Our expertise includes small automated workflows to AI-based data analytics. With our three-step process, we highly efficiently create a working solution

1. Step: Prototyping
2. Step: Functional and Technical
3. Step: MVP development


Growth through automatable modeling

BIM Content

Our team of architects, engineers, and 3D modelers create evaluable, intelligent, and automatable BIM-Content. We create sustainable, smart Objects for manufactures to control their production process. BIM content that is as good as your product itself.

  • Creation of smart, automated and parametrizable BIM content
  • Linking your PIM-System & ERP-System with your BIM-Content
  • Visualizable BIM-Content for virtual and augmented reality presentations
  • Provision of your BIM-Content in industry portals
  • BIM-Content to control your production

IT and Processes

BIM Consulting

We support you in all phases of a construction project. Together  we develop a strategic road map, look left and right and of course “out of the box”. Because we know the hurdles from practice.

We accompany you and your team in the transformation to the model-based way of working – from project development and the planning phase to prefabrication and building management. With our BIM-Add-Ons, we help you build a seamless information lifecycle. To make the BIM method work, we show possibilities, processes and technologies. We develop specifications and business guidelines, generate client information requirements (AIA), BIM Execution Planning (BEP) to ensure consistency.

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